5 Reasons Why You’ll Save with AusProof

There are so many reasons to use AusProof products. In this post we show you five ways you’ll save with AusProof!

1. The only material to enter and leave the factory is high quality

AusProof source their material globally to ensure only the best and highest quality material is used for the products. AusProof freight in virgin aluminum ingot, rather than purchasing scrap materials to save money.

2. Strict Quality Assurance Systems
Our products go through a strict inspection that has at least 16 checks to ensure AusProof send the best product possible with all working components. As a result of this quality assurance system, AusProof only have a 1% faulty return rate.

3. Forever designing innovative products
AusProof have a dedicated innovative and imaginative design team to continually push the boundaries to develop reliable and pedigree products. This team is also structured as a support team for customers and are proactive with feedback from customers with their ideas or comments.

4. Life-time usage
The core component of an AusProof product is designed and tested to last a lifetime, should the product be stored and handled correctly. This means you should only need to make a once off purchase and you don’t need to keep repurchasing the product due to failure.

5. Continuous customer assistance
AusProof also offers a complete refund for faulty products and will not hesitate in taking the next flight out of Gladstone to help solve any problems you have.

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