Prolonged Immersion (IP68)

Indisputable accreditation IP68: To our acreditation under norm IEC 60529 (IP68), this example shows real performance in adverse/acidic environments.

Various individual characteristics are successfully combined, which when exposed to operational contexts such as the photo, achieve an outstanding performance.

Thanks to the relationships and channels of communication that we strive to maintain with each of our users. We have graphic records of the various extreme uses to which our products are subjected.

On this occasion, the combination of messages and telephone conversations by which the image was obtained is summarized as follows:


“In the annual inspection of the drainage system, we found so much the cables and your plugs submerged and they are in very poor condition, but when opened, inside they are impeccable.

Considering they were energized, is it feasible re-energize them? so we can continue pumping and then plan its change, is that we’re with the rains”.


For those of us who work in KonNx, this photo is a reason for pride, since it’s a categorical proof that our design, raw material, manufacturing practices, characteristics technical individually homologous, post-sale support, dedicated training , etc.… are successfully combined, allowing outstanding performance when exposed to operational contexts such as the photo.


Also, corroborates that our product conformity certificates under international standards, are manifested in a very concrete reality: the plug KonNx is up to the circumstance.



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