15kV Range – High Voltage Couplers with Fibber Optic

15kV RANGE – 15,000 Volts, 800Amps, IP68, open cut coupler with Fibber Optic

The 15kV Fiber Optic range was inspired by the 15kV, 4 Bolt coupler.

Traditionally fibre optic cables were run in a separate cable to the power cable or it is incorporated into the power cable but the fibres are taken out of the coupler and is spliced into a junction box on the side.

To achieve a perfect solution for a fibber optic coupler system, KonNx took it’s world proven high voltage coupler design and a rugged military expanded beam fibber optic system and blended the two together.

The results of this is a high voltage fibber optic system with an electrical design that has a continued earth shield segregation of its three phases which maintains a symmetrical radial distribution of voltage stress. This eliminates the risk of a phase to phase fault, with the rugged expanded beam fibber optic connection which gives you a genderless coupler with its phases, pilot, earth and fibber optics all internal.

This design has been in service since 2015.

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